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Oceanwide Elite Hotel Qingdao is conveniently located in a prime location in the city center.
Is a foreign-related hotel that integrates guest rooms, catering and entertainment, and is jointly invested and constructed by Qingdao Fanhai Construction Co., Ltd. and American O.W. International Co., Ltd. The hotel has a magnificent exterior, noble and elegant decoration, showing European style, and has various rooms with elegant decoration and luxurious facilities. The style of the hotel restaurant is very different, the Chinese restaurant is simple and elegant, the banquet hall has different characteristics, the sea view outside the window is picturesque, and the interior is warm and romantic. The Seaview Cafe is quite exotic; the western-style buffet is endlessly charming; the lobby bar is luxurious and beautiful, and the environment is elegant. The beauty salon facilities are superb, the hairdresser has superb skills and good service; fitness, chess, business bar and many other entertainment items will add endless fun to your leisure.
Oceanwide Elite Hotel Qingdao's multi-functional hall has a total area of 700 square meters, complete facilities, advanced functions, and versatile use. It can accommodate large-scale conferences, seminars, receptions, wedding banquets, etc. It can also be divided into 5 independent conference rooms, so you can also choose In the form of group rally. The multifunctional hall is the ideal place for your meetings, banquets and business meetings.
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  • didi_310
    Good location, just near the trestle bridge. hotel services, comfortable four star standard! deficiencies is the decoration of the hotel are older, a lot of disappointments in the room. at the checkout are available at the Guest House satisfaction. also recommend. more pursuit of room quality people a heads up, don't get your hopes too high.
  • liangweiying
    Great recommendation!
  • my291
    Is near from the bridge, opposite the hotel is the sea, nice
  • bluestar1981
    That's good
  • csceclb
    Location very good, Xia train I along Beach go past of, window is sea, trestle, small Qingdao, feed Seagull of place, beautiful! room is clean, service also is good, returned to sent of fruit, gift of double breakfast, very good. traffic is convenient, door is bus site. away from Zhongshan Road on both sides of of small alley in of some classic snacks is near. I set of business Seaview big bed between, 400lai block money, I think is live had of most economic affordable clean warm convenient of has, byDo not hesitate to do a membership card, later went to Qingdao, here!
    Nice dinner better, is more of a person.
  • euangeleo
    In the room will see the pier, great location, transportation is convenient, the hotel opposite the station.
  • maliangyan
    Decoration is a bit old, others are good
  • BO3288
    Very good location, in the room you can see the ocean. out the traffic is very convenient ... Nice, but just 1.1-meter children will fare, this is a bit stingy.
    Hotel room is very old, location close to the bridge, be sure to see the sea, your value!
  • wangty
    Sea view room is great and hotel is very attentive, prepared fruit in the evening, live again!
  • lu199750526
    The transportation is very convenient
  • mumuraoyaya
    Facilities, clean, convenient, courteous, next time.
  • tening
    That's good
  • -Amy-
    Hotel too old, slow, bed sheets were not clean, hairdryer and old, with a loud voice, terrible, and it stopped working after a few minutes, can be used in a few minutes. only good addresses away from the train station, and baths near sixth.
  • doct_cy
    Not when the tourist season is generally lived here, with small snacks
  • lucifergm
    Hotel is well located, trestle can be seen through the window, very beautiful and convenient hotel considering the detailed service, for four star hotel, breakfast was good.
  • ycelia8609
    Very nice hotel, good location, window facing the small Qingdao, facilities very good, next election here
  • nameless
  • e00132420
    Nice sea view, is your point has a different environment.
  • cainy
    Hotel location is good, breakfast is rich. arranging room by Metro construction, a bit noisy at night. and nor did we recommend 2 hour free gym use. in general it is good
  • clarewj820
    Good sea view is very beautiful.
  • feilong
    Qingdao Beach has lived here, accustomed to
  • original
    Good location, convenient traffic.
  • Andy.wu
    Hotel location was great, excellent service, the traffic is convenient, but next to look for food in the place he has no. far before they can.
  • andgate
  • caviare
    Each time, very good
  • jason02089121
    Good location, convenient service, next time you will enjoy.
  • la_rissa
    Hotel is on the pier on the edge is ideal for travel accommodations, all facilities in the rooms are relatively complete, and bath and shower are separate, can 2 people at the same time a bath do not delay, but slightly insufficient room heating.
  • angelyaner
    Very good stay, family suite is large, haijingchao great, great location, good
  • bill960810
    Nice hotel
  • cdslsc
    Good location, convenient window to see that the water is nice, small zero-point of the elevator Hall can always make children happy, room really has the refurbished, breakfast is great, but the second floor of the restaurant is really good!
  • agate9dan
    Which is very nice
  • fuxf78
    Help colleagues book, near the train station is close to transport facilities, sea view room feels good.
  • veeeewong
    Location excellent, right on the beach, was very close to Zhanqiao. convenience.
  • aroxu
    Although the hotel service slightly lacking, but cost-effective way is a very nice hotel, hotel facilities are more texture, rather than cheap, health is also good, will stay again.
  • starrylife
    Hotel is next to the pier, walking distance to the train station, the traffic is very convenient. decorated classical charm, booked a sea view room, the scenery is really nice. service of the hotel is great, the next time you come to Qingdao, also consider staying.
  • aculor
    Very close to the railway station and convenient travel.
  • citic
    All good, staying away from work sites are relatively close to the trade surplus, not too many contributions, and from the pier and other attractions are also close
  • endyx
    Really bad, not sea view room prices. first day of arrival room no hairdryer, bath drain. pack up your room the next day to change towels bathrobes!
  • princessbabie
    Ditto evaluation
  • amissu
    Every time the hotels, hotel in good location, just next to the pier, sea view rooms, great buffet breakfast was rich, is the Internet a bit to force, air conditioning is not very good, maybe is not adjusting well, next time will still go live.
  • nannan415
    Location, opposite the pier, service was warm, as well as free access to candy, will stay again.
  • VincentNJ
    Hotel is located in the city centre, convenient, quiet, the room was clean, decorated and cozy than comparable hotels, great. waiters are warm, also featured a free SPA experience, will stay again.
  • yj1006
    Because staying at memory well before, so this time choose to stay there again.
  • dudan1616
    Very convenient location, the real front line sea view. go out the famous pier, you can take a walk. beer Street 10 collapse. big room, will stay again!
  • d00807656
    Good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good
  • junjun0320
    Very good
  • andy.dong
    Public transportation is very convenient, nice walk to nearby attractions is also good, next time will stay
  • lily263530654
    The location is very good, go out the pier Beach, old town with most of the sights can be reached on foot. rooms is bad, very bad, the next room talk TV and the sound is very clear.